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About Us

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A Partner to Keep

Kansai Spring Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established in 1947.
Since our founding, we had been dedicated to supporting the automobile industry through the production of various springs such as chassis and coil springs.
We are an engineer-driven group supporting high quality Japanese cars with top reputation.
★We were awarded a government subsidy to develop new business initiatives in 2021.
★Kansai Spring Factory in Thailand
We started the operation of Kanpatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2002. We have approximately 100 employees.
We contribute international society through the hiring of local people and transferring technical knowledge.


仕事中のスタッフ 仕事中のスタッフ

Untrained workers are also welcomed.
We educate and train them, then follow through to make sure they become a skilled worker.
Workers who can propose new ideas are also welcomed.
We seek to hire innovative workers.

Wonderful Work Environment

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Qualification Acquisition Support

We proactively educate employees and support their learning endeavors.
We assist in the acquisition of the national qualification “Metal Spring Production Engineer” certification. Kansai Spring reimburses exam fee and tools for practice. Our program rewards qualification achievement with cash.


High Retention Rate

The turnover rate of Kansai Spring is less than 1% over the past 10 years, while the average turnover at Japanese companies is approx. 14% (based on the employment trend survey held twice a year by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). We commit to providing a great working environment.


Work-life Balance

Kansai Spring promotes a modern work style and try to minimize overwork via the cooperation of team members and other sections.
We wish employees to have fulfilling life in both personally and professionally.

Interview With Senior Staff

⾼塚 雄也さん

Yuya Takatsuka

Press Production Department

>Why did you choose Kansai Spring?
I had only desk work experiences such as computer programming, but I was interested in the manufacturing process. I first started working for Kansai Spring as temporary staff and after 8 months, I was officially hired as a full-time employee.
>What do you do currently?
My main work is assembling automobile clutch disc parts.
>What do you think about work environment of Kanasai Spring?
First I was worried because I had no experience in manufacturing, but atmosphere was nice and friendly from the start. I am satisfied with being involved in the manufacturing process. It’s very rewarding.
北 穣さん

Yuzuru Kita

Spring Production Department

>Why did you choose Kansai Spring?
I found great satisfaction the number of days-off annually, because it allows me to maintain good work-life balance.
>What do you do currently?
I am involved in the coiling process of wire spring production.
>What do you think about work environment of Kanasai Spring?
This work requires skill, but my trainer instructs me in an easy to understand and careful way. To me, producing things is fulfilling.
森岡 靖博さん

Yasuhiro Morioka

Press Production Department

>Why did you choose Kansai Spring?
My friend introduced me about Kansai Spring. According to him, the work is rewarding and colleagues are friendly. This made me want to work for this company.
>What do you do currently?
I am involved with car parts production in the Press Production Department.
>What do you think about work environment of Kanasai Spring?
It was my first time for me working at a production site, but my nervousness was eased by passionate trainers and now I am comfortable with my work and team members.
⼟井 俊彦さん

Doi Toshihiko

Sales Technology Division Quality Assurance Department

>Why did you choose Kansai Spring?
I was curious about manufacturing. A senior from my school joined Kansai Spring ahead of me and asked me to come, so I decided to work for this company./dd>
>What do you do currently?
I am responsible for product quality control as well as a wide range of tasks such as meeting with customers and suppliers about new products and sales activities.
>What do you think about work environment of Kanasai Spring?
I enjoy the opportunity to learn about various subjects, including press process, spring process, and quality, thus improving my skill.
Interdepartmental teamwork is strong, which makes the environment really nice.
今⻄ 渚さん

Nagisa Imahishi

Production Control Department

>Why did you choose Kansai Spring?
I applied for a desk job.
During company orientation, I learned that employees can engage in various tasks and are able to cooperate with team members to complete them. That appealed to me, and the work environment and potential of the company were also attractive. Moreover, I have loved automobiles since I was very young. That is a key reason.
>What do you do currently?
I control the scheduling of each process from production planning to delivery, and am responsible for materials and parts procurement. For production control, I have to cover many different tasks and cooperate with other departments to satisfy customers.
>What do you think about work environment of Kanasai Spring?
When I first joined this company, I had no confidence. Experienced coworkers mentored me and now I enjoy my work. Kansai Spring’s work environment is friendly for workers with children. I have the freedom to try various new things in my personal life.